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Op ed in "Die Presse" by Dr Melanie Sully

England's voice is becoming ever louder since the Scottish Independence Referendum, argues Dr Sully in an op ed in the Austrian daily "Die Presse" of 21.1. 2016: Englands Stimme wird immer lauter (for English version read on)


Op ed in the Wiener Zeitung

Dr Melanie Sully writes on the common international problems of parliamentarians comparing Australia, Austria and UK: Wiener Zeitung, 5.1. 2016 "Doch mehr Gemeinsamkeiten als nur Kängarus.
English Version, click here


Go-Governance at Melbourne University Democracy Conference

Democracy in transition and democratic renewal were the themes at this major international conference. Full programme under Events 2015 on this site. Conference participants including Dr Melanie Sully wrote on "Can Democracy stop Terrorism" for Melbournes School of Government online site.

Anti-Corruption Day

Combatting corruption is a part of achieving good governance. International day of anti-corruption draws awareness to this problem. Voice of America interviewed Dr Melanie Sully, December 2015 on corruption in the twenty-first century. Russian version on web of VOA. And here a TV clip from VOA with the full show on international News here


Discussion on Brexit Negotiations

Event organised by Austro-British Society with guest speaker Dr Melanie Sully.
Download the PDF here. For a report see the Society events page and photo gallery Foreign Policy and UN of Austria page 


Brexit interviews with Dr Melanie Sully

Interview in the Wiener Zeitung October 2015. Here Dr Sully explains some of the technical hitches that could follow an exit vote and the implications for Scotland and Ireland. Following Cameron's proposals for a new relationship with the EU, Dr Sully gave various interviews to Television ATV and Servus TV and an interview on the Euro for the Wiener Zeitung 10.11. 2015 and as Prime Minister Cameron visits Vienna, an analysis in the Wiener Zeitung, "A Brit in Vienna Ein Brite in Wien", 26.11. 2015 by Melanie Sully. An English version of this was printed on euractiv And for good measure the German Euractiv story is here


Workshop in Podgorica

With Ambassador Fröhlich, Prof Dr Melanie Sully, Dr Josef Mantl. On Youth and Good Governance


Go-Governance at OSCE

Dr Melanie Sully addressing the plenary at the OSCE meeting Warsaw, October 2015



Go Governance at the Council of Europe

Strasbourg meeting of the Group of States against Corruption on the Fourth Evaluation Round. Presentations and news here including input by Dr Melanie Sully on parliamentarians.


Public Participation in Decision-making

Recommendations of the OSCE launched at the annual Warsaw meeting in a panel discussion led by Alice Thomas, Chief ODIHR Legislative Support Unit, Member of the Coordinating Council of International Youth Human Rights, Ambassador Maria Leissner and Dr Melanie Sully (Photo OSCE/Murat Gungor)