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The "Klub Hopping" Challenge

Article by Dr Melanie Sully in the Wiener Zeitung 19.8. 2015 p. 2 "Die Klub-Hopper-Herausforderung". In many parliaments MPs cross the floor to join another group; in some there are restrictions and in most problems ensue. Here a comparative analysis with reference to the situation in Austria (English summary click here)


Labour Party Leadership Battle

Dr Melanie Sully writes in the Austrian quality daily "Die Presse" analysing an unusual candidate on the Left.


Interview in "Der Standard"

Interview in the Austrian quality daily "Der Standard", 7.8. 2015 with Dr Melanie Sully on changes of allegiance in parliamentary factions (written by Lisa Nimmervoll).


Op ed in the Wiener Zeitung

"Cameron, Chaos und Calais" by Dr Melanie Sully in the Wiener Zeitung, 5.8. 2015
For English version read on; also reprinted in English 25.8. 2015 on Euractiv


Workshop in Armenia on Lawmaking Process

Workshop organised by OSCE/ODIHR stressing the need to conduct proper consultation in policy and lawmaking processes: press release


Dr Melanie Sully writes on Brexit and Grexit

An op ed in the Wiener Zeitung also appeared online in EurActiv in English 25.6. 2015 whilst an Austrian Press Agency interview with Dr Melanie Sully on Cameron's negotiating strategy appeared in the Tiroler Tageszeitung 24.6. 2015. An article "How not to hold a referendum" in Euractiv by Prof Sully deals with the Greek vote and is based on interview she gave with FM4 Radio in Austria in English. The Tiroler Tageszeitung 12.7. 2015 interviewed Dr Melanie Sully on Grexit and Brexit.


EU Referendum Op Ed by Dr Sully

Dr Melanie Sully wrote an opinion piece published in EurAktiv 16.6. 2015 on the timing of the EU Referendum in the UK "Brexit: A Boomerang named "Speed Kill" which originally appeared in German in the "Wiener Zeitung" 16.6. 2015


Policy Paper by Dr Melanie Sully

Policy paper in the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik. (The UK election - a national and European game-changer); download in English and a summary in Euraktiv looking at EU referendum and Scottish question


Go-Governance at the UK Embassy

Head of Go-Governance and Deputy with the UK Ambassador to Austria (centre) at her Embassy in Vienna


Tales from the Regions

The Assembly of European Regions has produced a special anniversary issue for their Newsletter May 2015 with an article by Dr Melanie Sully on good governance work in the region over the last decade.