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Governance Conference Yerevan

The conference was attended by around 115 people from NGOs, civil society, students, diplomats who had come from all over Armenia and speakers came from Austria, Armenia, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Belgium, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Ukraine, UK and USA.


Aftermath of the UK Election

Dr Melanie Sully gave several interviews to the media analysing the campaign and results including radio, television stations and print


Policy Paper by Dr Melanie Sully

Policy paper in the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik. (The UK election - a national and European game-changer); download in English and a summary in Euraktiv


The UK Votes articles by Dr Melanie Sully

The UK parliamentary election could mark the start of major constitutional reform in the British Isles with implications for Europe. Here an interview with Dr Melanie Sully "Strahlende Sieger sind Geschichte" in the "Tiroler Tageszeitung" 5.5. 2015
PDF also read on for more articles by her also in English


Women and Politics, Diplomatic Academy

Dr Melanie Sully spoke at the SAGE gender project run by the students, pictured here with Dr Brigitte Wolf, Austrian Radio and Television


Scotland vs England op ed by Dr Melanie Sully in "Die Presse"

Die Presse, 3.2. 2015 "Schottland gegen England: Das Match ist nicht entschieden" dealing with the current dilemma of the UK government in fulfilling its promise on more devolution and Blog by Dr Melanie Sully for the Institute of Federalism, Innsbruck March 2015


Churchill in "Der Standard" plus interview with Dr Melanie Sully

Fifty years after his death, the Austrian quality "Der Standard" dedicates its weekend edition to Winston Churchill including an interview with Dr Melanie Sully. See Der Standard, 17/18.1. 2015


Parliamentary Readings

Fourth Annual International Conference, at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" Doctoral School with keynote by Dr Melanie Sully. Organised by Ihor Kohut of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives supported by USAID, East Europe Foundation et al and looking at codes of conduct, status of MPs, relation with voters


Direct Democracy/Personalities, Parliamentarism

The "Austrian Yearbook for Politics" with chapters by Dr Melanie Sully on "Direct Democracy" and on "Personalities, Parties and Parliamentarism" by Dr Christoph Konrath and Dr Melanie Sully