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Moving Forward Conference

Campaign Strategies and Techniques on the occasion of the upcoming US Presidential elections. The Austrian newspaper Kurier offers free tickets.
Details of programme which includes speakers from Go Governance, Dr Josef Mantl, Dr Melanie Sully and assistant Louis Reitmann here


Post Brexit talk in Graz

Dienstalk in Graz


Melanie Sully writes in Kurier

Brexit was a symbol for a deeper malaise in the EU and to think free from the UK it will soar to great heights without reforms is an illusion. But what reforms we leave to another article.


Podium Discussion in Munich September

Europe Direct hosting a discussion on "Brexit - what now: consequences for the EU and Germany" (in German "Brexit - was nun?)  with Melanie Sully, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Gerhard Losher of Bayerischer Rundfunk.


Brexit Blindflug (the blind flight) by Melanie Sully

Brexit article - apparently with no flight information or idea of course the Brexit camp celebrated their referendum win.  But the predicted economic hit was quick in coming. Many had ceased to believe in experts and had no faith in the EU that it could change. Reflections on post Brexit UK first published in the Wiener Zeitung 24.6. 2016  and reproduced on Euractiv


Brexit Drama: policy brief.

The Brexit Drama: final act or prelude? by Melanie Sully for the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik.


European Youth Parliament

Go-Governance took part in the European Youth Parliament simulation session in Vienna advising on the Committee for Development.


Our book on youth and politics ed Melanie Sully

"Good Governance and Youth", (donors City of Vienna, Austrian Foreign Ministry, Austrian Federal Railways, Kapssch, Assembly for European Regions) view table of Contents here