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Direct Democracy/Personalities, Parliamentarism

The "Austrian Yearbook for Politics" with chapters by Dr Melanie Sully on "Direct Democracy" and on "Personalities, Parties and Parliamentarism" by Dr Christoph Konrath and Dr Melanie Sully


Parliamentary Readings

Fourth Annual International Conference, at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" Doctoral School with keynote by Dr Melanie Sully. Organised by Ihor Kohut of the Agency for Legislative Initiatives supported by USAID, East Europe Foundation et al and looking at codes of conduct, status of MPs, relation with voters


Aspire Youth Global Governance

Dr Melanie Sully and Dr Josef Mantl invited to the Aspire Congress 2014 looking at peacebuilding and Europe's youth as key players in future world politics. Details here in cooperation with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna.


Tiroler Tageszeitung interview

Interview with Dr Melanie Sully on what UKIP gains mean for Europe and Britain, November 2014


Opt-outs, U-Turns, Exit Scenarios

Policy Brief "Britain and Europe" by Dr Melanie Sully published by the Austrian Society for European Politics, July 2014. The article looks at the referendum debate on the EU in Great Britain, parliamentary procedures and makes the case for greater transparency and ethical governance.


Unpredictable Parliaments op ed by Dr Melanie Sully

Op ed in the Austrian quality "Die Presse" on the role of Speakers, voting, elections in parliaments.


House of Commons reviews Code of Conduct Procedures

Experts including Dr Melanie Sully, appeared before a House of Commons committee looking at how parliamentary ethics is working and what can be improved see more


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